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Date Added: Saturday, August 31st, 2013 at 11:00 pm

Inspired from dribbble, please zoom!
Uccw skins, and now compatible with all the different screens.


For n4:
9×6 grid
no shadows, no margins, no dock
set the wallpaper
add new widget, uccw, uzip, select the uzips one by one
overlap rss widget
overlap power toggles for music controls(blank.png needed)

For other phones:
10×6 grid
disable status bar
add ‘ubet extra’ skin at the top
the same previous steps

And now, if you want to delete the gaps, you will need to open the uccw widgets, edit background, size, and change the height of the main widgets and the extra top widget.

1280×720” 315->341 & 116->113
1920×1080” 315->341 & 116->113
480×800” 315->320

Finally use common controls to center the objects.

If your device have softkeys try with different sizes.
Also, watch the tutorial from MCS on youtube if you don’t know how to use uccw.


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