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  • baker5792

    I want this so bad right now.

  • http:[email protected] avishayil

    Please share details

  • rahulkrishnan

    how to download it???

  • http:[email protected] 17mayis

    i love it :P

  • keikan92

    very good, can u share it please

  • anupgnair

    AWESOME! Can you share the details please?

  • http:[email protected] zeus.lny

    Can u share the Details as how to make the same on my screen… thks

  • AndroidRoom

    Here you go…..

    Step 1: Download Apps and files
    Zooper Widget
    Nova Launcher

    Step 2: Setting up Nova Launcher
    Desktop Grid: 12X12 (allows maximum customization)
    Width Margin: None
    Height Margin: None
    Disable: Shadows, Label Icons, Notification Bar
    Homesceens: 1
    Enable: Widget Overlap
    Dock: Disabled

    Step 3: Wallpaper
    1. Hold down on the homescreen – Wallpaper.
    2. Select your preferred gallery app, then select the wallpaper. Preferably use portrait in the settings at the top right corner(similar to square shape, left to cancel) and move it to get the required part of the wallaper.

    Step 4: Zooper Widget Setup
    1. Hold down on the homescreen – New Widget – Zooper Widget – any size.
    2. Hold down on the skin, this will allow for complete resizing and moving of the widget. Make it bigger than you require at the widgets place on the screen.
    3. Tap the widget. Select sd card and select the widget.
    NOTE: You must place the .zw files in ZooperWidget>Templates in sd card so that they appear to you when you wish to add a zooper widget.
    4. Scale it, adjust it using x- offset and y- offset after selecting widget and going into layout.
    5. After you are done, press back to get to your homescreen with the widget.

    Step 5: Power Toggles Setup
    1. Hold down on the homescreen – New Widget – Power Toggles.
    2. Under button colors, select all as black.
    3. Under Background fill, transperancy to the extreme left
    4. Button dividers hidden.

    You are done. Enjoy…..

  • Serenity

    basic Zooper templates

  • astonmaritn214

    yes I have everything expect I can’t get the progress ring in line & make it bigger so it can fit

  • matrixvipin

    can anybody make a youtube video of how this on how to set this up,
    It would be very handy.

  • Charlyma

    @AndroidRoom Thnx!!!!!! Looks Awesome!!

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Looks good…..
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