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Date Added: Sunday, September 1st, 2013 at 9:01 am

A revamped version of my previous homescreen Calm Nights 2. I managed to make myself one slanted Galaxy Nexus mockup which, I must say, looks gorgeous. I’m going to upload it soon so that GNex users don’t have to envy the slanted N4 mockup :p
Alright details, my steps are all in the tutorial section of the right >>
*PS* Due to the fact I am using Zooper Widgets Free, I am unable to export the Zooper music widget for you guys. However this is the tutorial I followed if you guys really want to make it
Wallpaper(Rainy Days by winnichip)

Icons(M’Flats by MushCube)

Other files

For a clearer view of the screenshots


  1. 1. Setup Apex Launcher with these parameters. Homescreen: Portrait 6x7 ; No Hor. margin ; Medium Ver. margin ; 100% icon size
  2. 2. Dock: Medium Hr. margin ; No Ver. margin ; 65% icon size
  3. 3. Download my files
  4. 4. Copy all files in the UCCW folder to sdcard/uccw output
  5. 5. Minimally Calm Main Clock is a 6x3 UCCW widget on the first page.
  6. 6. RoundLock is the UCCW widget in the stock lockscreen.
  • alekhkhanna

    Gorgeous !

  • Charles55

    Wow, gorgeous!

  • Matt2168

    Fits in perfect with the GNEX.

  • lordjohn08

    Thanks for sharing

  • bensow
  • Verulen

    Awesome layout, I managed to recreate it on my galaxy s2, but I have trouble creating the tap on buttons for the player with zooper (it says I have to buy it, but I guess you did it with the free version), any tips?

  • Cuca

    Amazinggggg !!!!! So cute and simple (perfect).

  • amnesia1000

    Excellent screen. But I have a problem with the music widget. I hope you can upload the file. thank you very much

  • bmngoc1991

    Would you mind describing how the media widget was made? The link to the page doesn’t work andymore. Would be nice