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  • alekhkhanna

    Gorgeous !

  • Charles55

    Wow, gorgeous!

  • Matt2168

    Fits in perfect with the GNEX.

  • lordjohn08

    Thanks for sharing

  • bensow
  • Verulen

    Awesome layout, I managed to recreate it on my galaxy s2, but I have trouble creating the tap on buttons for the player with zooper (it says I have to buy it, but I guess you did it with the free version), any tips?

  • Cuca

    Amazinggggg !!!!! So cute and simple (perfect).

  • http:[email protected] amnesia1000

    Excellent screen. But I have a problem with the music widget. I hope you can upload the file. thank you very much

  • bmngoc1991

    Would you mind describing how the media widget was made? The link to the page doesn’t work andymore. Would be nice


  1. 1. Setup Apex Launcher with these parameters. Homescreen: Portrait 6x7 ; No Hor. margin ; Medium Ver. margin ; 100% icon size
  2. 2. Dock: Medium Hr. margin ; No Ver. margin ; 65% icon size
  3. 3. Download my files
  4. 4. Copy all files in the UCCW folder to sdcard/uccw output
  5. 5. Minimally Calm Main Clock is a 6x3 UCCW widget on the first page.
  6. 6. RoundLock is the UCCW widget in the stock lockscreen.
Date Added: Sunday, September 1st, 2013 at 9:01 am

A revamped version of my previous homescreen Calm Nights 2. I managed to make myself one slanted Galaxy Nexus mockup which, I must say, looks gorgeous. I’m going to upload it soon so that GNex users don’t have to envy the slanted N4 mockup :p
Alright details, my steps are all in the tutorial section of the right >>
*PS* Due to the fact I am using Zooper Widgets Free, I am unable to export the Zooper music widget for you guys. However this is the tutorial I followed if you guys really want to make it
Wallpaper(Rainy Days by winnichip)

Icons(M’Flats by MushCube)

Other files

For a clearer view of the screenshots