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Screen Of the Day on 09/08/2013
  • http:[email protected] magicluka

    I can’t see bottom icons and the alarm clock icon… However you’ve made a really good screen :)

  • http:[email protected] Gasti89

    I think that the icon font hasn’t been embedded in the templates. Try downloading it from the link in description and putting it in ZooperWidget/Fonts. There are 2 font packs, put them both. Then search for the text modules with just 1 letter or number and modify their font (some with font #1, some with font #2)

  • http:[email protected] magicluka

    Ok, thanks, everything works now!

  • pure3

    great work

  • AAST

    one of the greatest,beautiful screen ever made

  • AAST

    I have a problem with media……the icon is not changing to pause and also the popups are not working when the media is playing

  • AAST

    I have a problem with media……the play icon is not changing to pause and also the popups are not working when the media is playing….any suggesstions

  • http:[email protected] Gasti89

    Have you installed Media Utilities and ticked the right options before loading the media player widget? All the switching stuff uses TMU_ISPLAYING as condition, so I think the problem is media utilities. Could also be Zooper non updating it’s Widget, in this case a reboot might work.

  • ccogan

    I was wondering if the wallpaper is available? Also how do you get the three pies, center, top and bottom to show at the same time, is there a setting in one of the widgets? Whenever I have one open and go to open another the initial widget closes.

  • http:[email protected] Gasti89


    The popup pies are designed to be popped singularly. For the screenshots i’ve photoshopped them to be all in the same screen. I don’t like the idea of having all the pies popped or none, but unfortunately popup widget doesn’t have an option to keep a popup displayed while you pop another one. I hope one day Zooper will have a built-in feature for popups.

  • HonestFee

    I cannot for the life of me see where to input the sizes for the popup widgets. I have set the location but i can only seem to adjust size by dragging it bigger…
    Awesome screen though!

    *edit* Never mind I was being an idiot as I suspected!

  • http:[email protected] Gasti89

    Eheh, i understand you, took me about 1 hour the first time ;)

  • AAST

    @[email protected]…..I have a shortcut to media utilities as play/pause……am I right?

  • http:[email protected] Gasti89

    About the Media Utilities, i was meaning: have you followed the preliminary steps displayed in the description (all the stuff to tick in Media Utilities Settings)?
    When you tap the play button, does the media player start playing a song?
    If the song plays i think the culprit is communication between ZW and MU, or even the widget not updating properly.
    Best thing i think is delete the widget and reput it, following the tutorial again.

  • AAST

    @Gasti89 Yes I followed all the preliminary steps…..the song is playing but the icon is not changing to pause…..also popups are not displaying…..also the album cover is not displaying…..

  • http:[email protected] Gasti89

    All those things should be available after you hit the play button. So think the problem is the one described above. Do a little check, go on configuration and check the advanced parameters for these modules:
    – coverart —> [b]$#TMU_ISPLAYING#=1?#TMU_COVERART#:/sdcard/ZooperWidget/Bitmaps/iconback.png$
    – text field “c”, not the advanced parameters, but the manual insert —> $#TMU_ISPLAYING#=1?c:b$
    – central pie and down pie square —> similar to the above, but with [ox]…..

    If everything is there, the parameters are ok, as long as the music is playing they should update. Try also ticking “attempt direct control” in MU settings, or try reinstalling MU, deleting the widget and reputting it. Finally, try rebooting Nova and device.

    I’m sorry it doesn’t work for you, i’m trying my best to understand the issue. Which player do you use? I use Poweramp.

  • http:[email protected] Gasti89
  • altitud63

    There are several icons here ( Which one did you use? Thanks in advance and great work.

  • AAST

    @Gasti89 I am using stock player

  • metmk2010

    ohh boy this is a master-piece. Deserves to be the “screen of the day”.

  • Rasa13

    wow, that is wicked nice!
    Super well done ! great work

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 09/08/13

  • http:[email protected] Gasti89

    @Peachanan Woah! Thank you!

  • Galiem

    @Gasti89 In my zooperwidget folder i can’t found the bitmap folder

  • Dottemannen

    When i click on any of the circels, my popup-widget opens up on another EMPTy screen.. I tried to change the size and the position, nothing helps..
    Ive got a Samsung note 2. Please help!

  • http:[email protected] Gasti89

    @Galiem If there isn’t the Bitmaps folder, create it.

  • dahulk

    This is awesome, definitely worth the effort to put it on my device too.

    But….my S3 is (moreso I am) really struggling with the fonts. I have them in the Zooper Widget Fonts folder, but unless I have the TrueType file and Font Map out of the individual folder, it doesn’t read them.

  • http:[email protected] Gasti89

    @dahulk In my Fonts folder i have Android-Dev-Icons-1.ttf and 2.ttf, nothing else, and it works.

  • http:[email protected] perseidionix

    Its hot and clean. ^_^

  • http:[email protected] hors_sergio

    @[email protected] I love your screen layout, it’s fabulous!
    So i’ve decided To build a screen inspired by yours. :)

  • http:[email protected] Gasti89

    For all the 1280×720 devices users (such as S3 or Note2), check out my new version (very 1st link in description).

  • stonk

    Very nice, do you have any more icons or how did you make them, for the apps I need some others as I would like email, calculator file explorer etc etc.

    Thank you

  • http:[email protected] Gasti89

    There’s a link in description to the icon creator’s XDA thread. He has around 75 different icon sets to fit every need.

  • MalOSB

    Hi. This screen is awesome but i keep having issues with the screen flashing black when i use one of the popup widgets.

    Using an HTC One

  • http:[email protected] Gasti89

    Unfortunately, popups drain a lot RAM, plus you actually have 11 widgets on the screen and 3 of them are full-screen. It happens to me sometimes too, but usually when the phone stays in stand by for some time. Things that can help are removing the CPU from the battery saving or using a task killer. I think that enabling the Zooper standby updates helps too (since the heavy RAM drain takes place when all the widgets need to be update –> when you turn on the screen), but that will literally kill you battery.
    This is the price for a totally interactive UI unfortunately.

  • src2k12

    I finally figured this all out and first great job on the home screen and second man great great job on the tutorial. It took me a couple hours to finally get everything right but your directions have been the beat I’ve ever followed. Thanks!

  • stonk

    Is there a way on this when you select home center the apps pop up and if you have unread mail it puts a little number next to the icon.


  • http:[email protected] Gasti89

    Do a little research on the Zooper site ( and you will find what you need

  • stonk

    Thanks will do some reading some quite cool things around now if only I had an ounce of artistic talent :+)

  • moparfreak426

    I think there needs to be a video tutorial on this. I have shown this to people and they always say a video would be easier to follow and I agree.

  • moparfreak426

    i think there seriously needs to be a video, mine end up all distorted and blurry


  1. 1. Everything in description.
Date Added: Monday, September 2nd, 2013 at 12:21 pm


Minimal 3-pages Zooper skin with ParanoidAndroid-like Popup Pies.
Icons from SeriouslyCrazy –
Android Developer Icons – The Font –
Templates + blank bitmap –
– Install Nova Launcher, Zooper Widget Pro, Popup Widget (paid version doesn’t have annoying adds), Media Utilities.
-Download and open the zip in description, put zw files in ZooperWidget/Templates and icon_bac.png file in ZooperWidget/Bitmaps.
– Download the Icon Font from the above link, unzip the file and copy both the fonts in ZooperWidget/Fonts
– Open Media Utilities settings and tick Zooper, Blank Metadata when Paused, Make Coverart Available.
– In Nova Settings, disable dock and status bar. Set the desktop grid to 6×4
– In Popup Widget Settings, disable status bar.
– Open Popup Widget and create 3 1×1 Zooper Widgets
– Name them so you remember top, central, and down pie
– Set the size of the widgets: 1080×1280 for central and 540×640 for top and down.
– Tick “custom position”: 0×320 for central, 270×0 for top and 270×2000 for down
– Put a Zooper Widget on the desktop and enlarge it to fullscreen.
– Load the “HomeScreen” template
– Look inside the modules until you find “xxx pie square”, tap to setup an action, go to shortcuts, Popup Widget
– Now select the appropriate pie. Do this for all the 3 pies
– Exit configuration and let the Widget Load
– Tap on: top circle to pop the top pie, centre of the clock for central pie, down circle for down pie
– At the first pop you’ll see the black panel, tap on it and load the appropriate Widget Template.
– When done for all the 3 pies, you’re done!
– Follow the same steps as Home Screen, except you won’t have a top pie
– The pies are only poppable when a song is playing, so you’ll have to tap the “play” button on the top first.
– If when not playing you see a folder on the clock, open the “bitmap” module, advanced parameters, and rewrite the path to icon_back.png
– Follow the Home Screen tutorial
If for some reason you don’t see icons or the icon font, let me know. They should be embedded inside the templates, so nothing should go wrong.