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  • niv3d

    @LieutenantSword you are on fire sir! I’d love to learn how to make my own!

  • lieutenantsword


    Thanks. I think I have the 5-hour Energy to thank for this one. :))

  • NeoTeamPassion

    The last I time I took a 5-hour energy I was up for 37 hours……….this theme is the opposite of my last theme…..from a minimal perspective :) Nice work Lt….

  • lieutenantsword


    HAHA!! Thanks, Neo!

  • NeoTeamPassion

    Can’t go wrong with red, black and white :)

  • lieutenantsword


    That’s right, and it’s that dang label’s fault.

  • vladikus

    +1 :-)

  • lieutenantsword


    Thanks, Vlad!

  • alperaltun

    keep on going ;)

  • lieutenantsword


    If I ever stop, something’s wrong. ;)

  • viveks

    love this…. again nice work……..

  • lieutenantsword


    Thanks very much!

  • vosmic

    Not a techie, so though using note2 and not sure how to change, but still support your work!
    Darn nice homescreen there!! :D

  • lieutenantsword


    Thanks, and if you do decide to change anything and need help, just let me know.

  • http:[email protected] jdjawad


    Im just like @vosmic I really like this but I don’t really know how to change
    Couod you post a tutorial on how to apply it? Still supporting your work

  • lieutenantsword


    The tutorial on how to change it is easy. I’ve included the PSD file, so open up Photoshop and do whatever you want to it.

  • savina

    thanks for that beautiful screen!
    can you tell me witch icons u use?

  • lieutenantsword


    Thanks very much for that comment. I just created the icons in Photoshop.

  • savina

    well i dont use usaabank but i will make change in phtoshop
    Thank you again!

  • lieutenantsword


    No problem. That’s why I provide the PSD files for anyone who wants to change the files. :)

Date Added: Thursday, September 5th, 2013 at 10:15 pm

Code RED by LieutenantSword

Of course it’s 1080p! ZOOM in and enjoy.

OK, so I learned a valuable lesson today — Never, EVER drink a 5-hour Energy right after lunch. I mean, it’s going to be midnight before I get to sleep, but at least I got to put this theme together. Red, black and white — the go-to colors put together in a sliding, jumping, popup style theme. Zooper Widget, SS Launcher the Original, APW, ZPlayer and more and more and way, way more…

Single screen layout with matching lockscreen

Download the 1080×1920 version for the Galaxy S4, S3 and HTC One from HERE


I’ve included the PSD file in the download, and you’re free to modify it as you see fit. This is a pretty straight-forward theme that’s fairly easy to recreate.

As always, questions and comments welcome!

As you know, we work hard on our concepts and themes and most of us offer them to the community free of charge. All we would ask is that you utilize the LOVE button if you like our themes — it’s just a little affirmation of our work, and it’s very much appreciated.

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