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Screen Of the Day on 09/07/2013
  • alperaltun

    love baby ;)

  • viveks

    @alperaltun thanx…

  • vladikus

    Verrrrry Nice!!!

  • viveks

    @vladikus thanx Vlad…..

  • yongs73

    I love it !!

  • jobe1785

    This is really nice. Will you be sharing?

  • Soloveyptaha


  • viveks

    @yongs73 thank you so much

  • viveks

    @jobe1785 thanx … files soon

  • viveks

    @Soloveyptaha m glad that u like it

  • Mithrin

    I’m not fan of babes pictures in homescreen but apart from this good holo light work, love that colors mix !

  • viveks

    @Mithrin m also don’t like babe’s picture….. that’s why this time I try something different…. I hope u like it…… thanx for appreciation

  • pratikvyas72

    Great work.. wud be much better with any other wallpapers rather then babes..

  • raikkoni27

    gal gadot!!! nice!!! :D

  • viveks

    @pratikvyas72 I have given psd link above so you can try different wallpaper……. thank you

  • viveks

    @raikkoni27 thanx bro….

  • Abhiheart

    Freaking nice Screen :) Can u share the files ? Thank you :)

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 09/07/13

  • sillyjessicat

    lovely! care to share the files? :)

  • krishna8520

    Super awesome screen
    Butt please make the babes picture replaceable.. So that everybody can be comfortable..
    Please share the files..
    Love this set up and icons :)

  • vivecknova

    awsome skin yowww,bt pls replace the girls to hotty bebs over sure more sexy screens

  • itls96

    I am new, it’s an awesome theme but how can I imply it on my phone??

  • viveks

    @Peachanan thank you so much…… peach

  • viveks

    @sillyjessicat thanx…. files soon

  • viveks

    @krishna8520 @vivecknova thank u guys.. m glad that u like it……m working on files so I will upload files in 2 days….. I will try to make with different wall…

  • xiazhimo
  • viveks

    @itls96 thank you….. once I upload all the files tutorials …. just download all files and follow the tutorial

  • ldjalal

    Nice icons you got there…

  • 17mayis

    one of the best can’t wait for the file will look amazing on my htc one


    very nice. If you can could you include psds so we can change the pictures? thanks

  • Ramis

    Love it just because of gal gadot. And the rest is nice too :P

  • joh20096

    Recapture once teaching><

  • edub34

    definitely a chick setup….

  • onlinechi

    Beautiful! When might you post the tutorials?

  • punk1469

    Gisele! <3

  • nicoand

    files please love it

  • samb28

    Hi could you do a Tutorial because you said that today you was going to tell how and could you do one with your new and the girl wallpaper. Or simply send my by email all the tutorial and the girl wallpaper. Thanks i love this screen. My email

  • Morpheus1968

    PLease share the files

  • chico_sirio

    Files and tutorial please, it is awesome !!!!!!!!

  • samb28

    Please put the file and tutorial it look awesome !!!

  • PoringCoin

    Wow this one is really nice !!! Nice work !

  • samb28

    @viveks We are 3 day past your delay. Please post Tuto and file i wan’t it so bad!!!!

  • viveks

    @samb28 sorry bro m out of town….. once I get to my computer I will upload all files n tutorials……. sorry for the late…

  • viveks

    @ldjalal thanx 2 u

  • viveks

    @17mayis @BBQGOAT thank you so much guys

  • viveks

    @edub34 thanks

  • viveks

    @onlinechi files n tutorials tomorrow.. sorry for late

  • viveks

    @punk1469 @nicoand m glad… thanks

  • viveks

    @Morpheus1968 @chico_sirio thank you guys… files tomorrow

  • viveks

    @PoringCoin thanks for a appreciation

  • Deepank

    Hey man pls. upload files and tutorials

  • krishna8520

    still waiting for the files…

  • Stix

    @viveks nice work just waiting for the file to test it over my GT-I9505 (:

  • viveks

    @Deepank thank you

  • viveks

    @Stix thanks..

  • viveks


  • szilardesz

    thanks for sharing

  • 17mayis

    when i try to move status bar ucww to the top it shows remove icon so i can’t place the status bar :(

  • viveks

    @17mayis just place it anywhere and resize it to the top

  • szilardesz

    what is the name of iconset?

  • nicoand

    viveks great set up buddy what the babes name used for home screen cheers….

  • viveks

    @nicoand thanx bro… its gal gadot

  • vivecknova

    nice bro cn wait for test for my xperia z

  • fester26381


  • viveks

    @fester26381 thanx marco

  • krishna8520

    can you please share the psd files @

  • altitud63

    I don´t know if I´m the only who have problems with the UCCW widgets, only show a white square, and nothing more. Thank´s in advance

  • AnshJ

    @ viveks i copied the zooper widgets in the zooper folder but what should i do next? how do i add status bar on the home screen? :-(

  • Abhiheart

    Yeah Mee too having problems with the UCCW widgets ..just shows a white box ..@viveks Hope u fix it :) and Update :)

  • viveks

    @AnshJ now add time and weather by zooper widget and add status bar by uccw………if u dont know how to use zooper widget and uccw check out tutorial on youtube…..i hope it will help u

  • viveks

    @altitud63 @Abhiheart
    I will check that and fix it

  • Abhiheart

    @viveks : Any updates about the UCCW skins ??

  • viveks

    @Abhiheart i check all the links they working properly

  • krishna8520

    @ viveks -> can you please share the psd files.. i want to apply this on my phone but i don’t want babes picture on my phone.. please share the psd . waiting from many days. E-mail at

  • viveks

    @krishna8520 sorry but don’t have psd file

  • athulathreya
  • athulathreya

    Is this yours??

  • viveks

    @athulathreya concept from graphic burger…… link already provided above…. u can check

  • hd719

    Can you please make a video tutorial.

Date Added: Thursday, September 5th, 2013 at 2:50 pm

this is inspired by ios 7 ui concept….. if you like it then don’t forget to give me love…. thanx
inspired from….

****PLEASE ZOOM to get better view******
This theme is based on iOS 7 ui component. you can check out here-
Apps required: launcher original
3.zooper widget pro
4.power toggle
5.simple rss reader
6.desktop visulizer
this theme contains 3 pages
2.My apps
1) download the files and unpack the zip file
2) Import Zooper files to the Zooper Widget folder on your handset
3) “SS Launcher the Original” Settings :
Full screen – checked
Hide dock bar – checked
Use swipe down – checked
Use back for menu – checked
Under “Label: hide labels- checked
You’re using three(3) screens for this setup and Remove everything from the screen
4) Set your wallpaper for each screen separately from the settings.(home at middle, my apps at left side, notification at right side)
5) page 1(home)- add statusbar uzip file at top and long press on it and select pin to keep in place.
6) at the bottom of the this page add zooper widget for time and weather and below that add power toggle music buttons.
7) now page 2(my apps) – add desktop visulizer for each icon (music player,internet,gallery,camera) and at the bottom add your required apps and change the icon given in zip files
8) page 3(notifications) – at top add desktop visulizer for each social icon and at middle add notification uzip file and place phone,msg and mail apps (change the icon)
9) at bottom add rss widget & place it properly (change the colour of text according to theme) and below that add power toggle widgets
10) if you have any problem leave the comment…thank you