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Screen Of the Day on 09/07/2013
Date Added: Thursday, September 5th, 2013 at 2:50 pm

this is inspired by ios 7 ui concept….. if you like it then don’t forget to give me love…. thanx
inspired from….

****PLEASE ZOOM to get better view******
This theme is based on iOS 7 ui component. you can check out here-
Apps required: launcher original
3.zooper widget pro
4.power toggle
5.simple rss reader
6.desktop visulizer
this theme contains 3 pages
2.My apps
1) download the files and unpack the zip file
2) Import Zooper files to the Zooper Widget folder on your handset
3) “SS Launcher the Original” Settings :
Full screen – checked
Hide dock bar – checked
Use swipe down – checked
Use back for menu – checked
Under “Label: hide labels- checked
You’re using three(3) screens for this setup and Remove everything from the screen
4) Set your wallpaper for each screen separately from the settings.(home at middle, my apps at left side, notification at right side)
5) page 1(home)- add statusbar uzip file at top and long press on it and select pin to keep in place.
6) at the bottom of the this page add zooper widget for time and weather and below that add power toggle music buttons.
7) now page 2(my apps) – add desktop visulizer for each icon (music player,internet,gallery,camera) and at the bottom add your required apps and change the icon given in zip files
8) page 3(notifications) – at top add desktop visulizer for each social icon and at middle add notification uzip file and place phone,msg and mail apps (change the icon)
9) at bottom add rss widget & place it properly (change the colour of text according to theme) and below that add power toggle widgets
10) if you have any problem leave the comment…thank you