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  • http:[email protected] dontcallmejames

    great homescreen. I love the lockscreen widget but how do you get the UCCW unread text to apply to a thirdparty sms app?

  • FuuuuuD89

    @dontcallmejames Thanks.. :) not so sure about that man.. never used a 3rd party sms app.. sorry .

  • meanred

    How were you able to use the icon pack?? I went into “theme” and was able to select the Tiny Icon pack you uploaded and went back to screen, added a “shortcut” and click (for ex.) “Phone”. The Icon came out as expected but when I clicked apply and save changes no icon pops out and it simply gives me the whole word “Phone” on my screen…

    Please help!


  • FuuuuuD89

    @meanred hmm, have you tried changing the icon on the home screen directly? eg, long press original icon, edit, click on the picture and manually choosing the icon? that was the way i did it, although a bit tedious but i get to personally choose :)

  • nastya82

    Great, I like it. But I have a little trouble. If I click on the lockscreen “Tap to unlock” …UCCW app is opened not home screen…Please advise how can I correct it. Thanx

  • FuuuuuD89

    @nastya82 what i did was long press the uccw “tap to unlock” and “send to back” so my custom slider will be on top of the uccw ” tap to unlock ” widget .

  • mthompson362

    Kind of a nooby question, but how do you make it where the widget doesn’t interfere with clicking on the icons? Every time I try to click on an icon, the UCCW setting screen pops up.

  • FuuuuuD89

    @mthompson362 hmm… try going into uccw > select skin > settings > set “Lock widgets (hotspot mode)” to “on” . That should do it

  • n16c

    how do i change the city in the weather widget?

Date Added: Saturday, September 14th, 2013 at 9:11 am

” Serious Squares ” is my first full attempt at a homescreen, hope you guys like it :)

-Widget Locker Pro
-Layout used is 12×12( But others would work too )
-Equip the wallpaper
-And then resize the uccw widget “(SS)Lockscreen” to your own liking.
-Configure the custom slider to unlock the phone by tap
-Use a small dot from icon pack or make one in uccw as the custom slider image/icon in widget locker
-Resize uucw widget “tap to unlock” to fit over the “small dot” custom slider
-ssLauncher the original
– Download Calendget (calandar widget)

-Download Tiny White Icon Pack

-Equip wallpaper
-No homescreen grid
-Vertical scrolling
-(Horizontal would work too, this will depend on your own preference and what launcher you are using. I only used ssLauncher because it had no grid size )
-Resize UCCW widgets from the Files. And because the most of what you see on the screen are from UCCW widgets, you are free to edit and resize them as you like.

Thats about it i guess, just ask if you have any problems, i will help as best i can . Thanks for viewing and feel free to hit the love button real quick :)