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Screen Of the Day on 09/27/2013
  • betinho


  • Bakari

    Great job!

  • alperaltun


  • gwcaton

    Fantastic!! Thanks for sharing !

  • venkateshvenki07

    Can u show me the video how to design….

  • solutionall

    @venkateshvenki07 i hope Marco will make video soon.

  • bronson25

    i cant downoad the file… anyone mind to share with me ?

  • whoyton1

    What the hell these are not your ucccw skins!! These are made by black bear blanc or jeppe foldaeger! I cannot see any reference to him at all!!

    Taking credit for someones hardwork is NOT cool at all bro!

  • solutionall

    @whoyton1 you are wrong i made it and i spend my 3 days on it. i have also upload psd and i have also some UCCW which i make by mistake wrong with sizing and some margin. before you say something you should check.
    Yes i have search some nice skin on google play and i found one which is call ride line and i get inspire by that skin so i make something like that. but that is no way that i copy anyone skin. i am here to learn not to post someones file.

    for you kind information i do not have even time to do this mobile things i am very much busy with my real life and my job am just doing this just because of learning.
    so many people here make skin by inspire each other. so do i and there is no one who can tell that this is not my skin. this is MY skin i have make by adding NEW UCCW skin. i have so many which is i made why i was making this skin and by mistake i make some wrong size.

  • Peachanan

    Congratulation, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 09/27/13

  • whoyton1

    @Peachanan Im sorry how!? This is a blatant copy of jeppe foldaegers work!!!

  • whoyton1
  • mastheme

    congrats solutionall…your screen is again Screen of the Day.

  • Mcain_tsu

    You are right @whoyton1 ! Its a Copy!!

  • Soccer_Fan

    It’s a Copy @Peachanan xD

  • metallito

    Bro who cares this is for free!!!! the other one is paid, anyway it is cool , thanks for sharing

  • whoyton1

    @metallito We care because its plagiarism, i was told of for this but he gets screen of the day! Atleast give the owner the credit but no this dude is claiming the widget is HIS!

  • edub34

    it has some similarities to Jeppe’s screen but yours looks much much better and has three screens too. I made John Nada’s SOTD from yesterday. I wasn’t going to pay $1.99 for it, so I just took the time and made it myself. We all get inspired by others here and put our own twists on the screens we make….very nice Solutionall, very nice ….

  • whoyton1

    @edub34 I completely agree with you, however this guy has actually said Jeppe’S work is his and not given any credit to Jeppe, iwould atleast give him credits!!

    Its disgraceful!

  • edub34

    @whoyton1 this is only Solutionall’s 4th screen unless he deleted others, and except for this one the other three don’t look like Jeppe’s. Jeppe’s made a lot of screens

  • whoyton1

    @edub34 That doesnt explain why he hasnt given credits to jeppe!?!?!

  • DinoF

    @whoyton1 Just Shut up! People likes! jealous!

  • 17mayis

    Just shut UP @Will Heyton go get a life man what is it to you man ?

    its a great work by the way mate

  • edub34

    @whoyton1 I looked at rideline on Google play and it looks like Solutionall’s screen..which he says he was inspired by, did Jeppe make that??

  • solutionall

    @whoyton1 right. i like that skin so i try to make something like that.

  • solutionall

    @ ALL so what dam it what copy. i see that skin i like it and i make it so what a big deal just enjoy work. the main thing is i did not steal anyone work i just inspire and i make my own say. and share with you guys. if you guys have any problem i delete it.

  • solutionall

    @whoyton1 because i found on google play i did not know colorscreen name. that hwy. waiit a min i lit put his./her name then u happy.

  • solutionall

    @mastheme thank you very much

  • solutionall

    @Peachanan thank you verymuch

  • solutionall

    @edub34 thank you very much. i don’t what is problem with other ppl.

  • MohammedAR

    I LOVE IT .. Congrats for the SOTD !!

  • subim

    The only one screen is some how related to so called previous screen. But this screen looks awesome. Rest of the screens including lockscreen are totally different. You deserve SOTD. your color combination are awesome… keep coming good screens.

  • Akoskos

    I like how the lock screen is simple, yet attractive !!

  • solutionall

    @subim i spend my 3 days to make this screen. but i don’t know why ppl behave like this. btw Thank you very much to appreciate my time and my work

  • tru2m3

    This is awesome. And i thought the community was about sharing screens? If you like them, use them. Or you can emulate them and make them your own. Let’s keep it luv people. I will be using this for sure. And maybe personalize it a bit.

  • dodgylegs

    Blatant plagiarism. Blatant copy. No respect.

    If you’re going to do it, at least have the decency to credit where due – especially when Jeppe spent the initial time doing Rideline and making available as a paid skin.

    This joker, didn’t even have the intelligence to call it something else (World Line Ffs!!!) and didn’t credit Jeppe at all, and then gives it away for free.

    That sucks.

  • solutionall

    SO SHUT YOUR MOUTH. am not in mood to reply you more. so just gthoh

  • dodgylegs

    Glad you’re not in the mood to reply.

    I think someone is a little rattled.

    You can deny it til you’re blue in the face. But this hasn’t been ‘influenced’ by Jeppe’s work. It has copied Jeppe’s work.

    Acknowledge it. Deal with it. All you need to say is that it’s been hugely influenced by Jeppe’s Rideline setup and also by Aviate Launcher. That will do it. That’s all that is needed.

  • blackbearblanc

    Well, you know you have done it good when you are copied

  • solutionall


  • solutionall

    @blackbearblanc i did not COPY ANYTHING. i just see the picture and i start on my own blank canvas. yes i like the skin which i saw on google play so i just make it something like that. am new here and try to learn and serve am not selling this skin. am just posting for free. i reply 3 times and i said i am not in mood because there was something bad going on in reallife. btw i will delete this skin

  • solutionall

    @blackbearblanc oh its you sorry i send reply i thought its dodgylegs on my reply. its you Jeppe. hello i want to ask only one thing. i have no instance to hurt you or hurt your work. i just trying to find some picture or screen to make new one and i found yours on google play and i like it so i make it. and i make it. yes i forget to credit you. but you know when i done with my skin. i did not remember your name or skin name even. there is LINE something in my mind and i tried to find RED LINE but it was RIDE LINE so i couldn’t find and i thought let it release. but i never thought that this is going to make big big issue. just one thing i will delete my skin if you want. because bro am not the person who hurt someone.

  • solutionall

    @dodgylegs a lot of ppl use my wallpaper here they never give me even credit here. they are even selling them. not using to share free. i never reply them like this

  • blackbearblanc

    Forget it. Like I said, its honorable to become “copied”. In my book, there’s copying, there’s evolving from inspiration, and there stealing (using the same files). I don’t know what this is, but credit is good. People can use the link if they want to support. If not, it’s fine.
    It’s good to see inspiration used. That makes people take new steps in design, they hadn’t thought of themselves. Myself included! That might make the world a better place in small steps. Nicer buildings being build. Better gadget being thought of. Prettier clothes being made.
    till good to see people take care of each other, “protecting” whats original.

    You did a nice job, with all screens complimenting each other. be happy with that.

  • solutionall

    @blackbearblanc right. you don’t know what is this but i tell you sure i do not use any of your file like uccw wallpaper or any widget even i think u use zooper widget and i try to make in uccw. i just saw you picture of screen 2 3 times and i make it. even there are difference you can tell. it is like if you painting by watching something. and i also provide psd file u can check everything is my own made not use anyone else file.

  • blackbearblanc

    not needed. Good luck

  • dodgylegs

    Ok, let’s all move on now. And like Jeppe said, Good luck @solutionall

  • moparfreak426

    Holy crap, awesome screen

  • edub34

    Kanging at its best…

  • wyko2kk

    nice screen :) can u uploaded it pls again? cant download it

  • http:[email protected] bitbearmi

    I think you it looks like you took Jesse’s idea and springboarded into a new direction. I think “inspired” is a good statement, and its probably best to make those inspirations known up front. Your layouts expand on those ideas, and you’ve even carried them forward into Widget Locker. Great Work!

  • solutionall

    @bitbearmi Thank you very much

  • solutionall
  • http:[email protected] musashihatred

    anything created here and posted here is because they are inspired :) see my first screen. AM I CALLED A COPY CAT BY THE ORIGINAL MAKER, PETER? i Created that because i was inspired by him. its almost a copy but i didnt use his’. instead i create my version.

    congrats @
    solutionall :)

  • solutionall

    @musashihatred thank you bro

  • Milesjohnson

    @solutionall hi, im hoping i can get in contact with you before/if you delete this but i just had a few questions.

    is it possible to change the assassins creed picture to our own liking? also you said it was possible to remove the books part…does this involve photoshop? I have cs6 but i dont understand much about it….is it hard to do such?

    if you could give instructions on how to edit these two things i would be very grateful. or even if you could just provide me with some websites that might help that would be cool as well

    if you could please help me out on these questions id really like to set this up on my htc one

    email me at milesjohnson38@ if that makes it easier

  • http:[email protected] LordZedDE

    Hi! I realised that I need to hide the softkeys for the wallpapers to fit. How do I do that in Nivo-Launcher?

  • auther

    very nice

  • kvsanchez95

    how can I download this theme?

  • solutionall

    @LordZedDE i use nova launcher 12×12 grid. hide notification bar. actually i do not understand your questions. also i provide PSD file you can edit wallpaper according to your need.

  • Milesjohnson

    @solutionall is it possible to change the assassins creed picture to our own liking? also you said it was possible to remove the books part…does this involve photoshop? I have cs6 but i dont understand much about it….is it hard to do such?

    if you could give instructions on how to edit these two things i would be very grateful. or even if you could just provide me with some websites that might help that would be cool as well

    if you could please help me out on these questions id really like to set this up on my htc one

  • solutionall

    @Milesjohnson Hello
    it not require any rocket science knowledge. just little bit Photoshop knowledge
    1: yes it is possible to change assassins creed picture you can put your own liking. just open photoshop and in “homescreen” folder there is a “Layer 63 copy” its picture layer u can put your own picture there.

    2: If your want to put your own book so just go to “Screen2″ folder and go to “books” folder and click on book and it will open new file and put there your book poster. save and close it will apply your poster to your books.
    > to remove books part > just uncheck book image, My Library text, and shadow and Layer 57:
    then you can make your own by putting icon and adding your own text.

    hope this will help you

  • http:[email protected] okegesan

    Fell totally in love when I saw your Gorgeous work!! Made me Very inspired to “adapt” it to my Nexus 7. Gave you credit for your inspiration..hope its cool :)

  • solutionall

    @okegesan ok no problem good luck

  • http:[email protected] jerdoggmckoy

    Thank you Solutionall! First off, I’d just like to encourage you to not get frustrated over the fact that you can’t make everyone happy. I think you took a good design and turned it into a great design. Can you give a little more detail as to how to customize the ‘My Library’ area? How do you link those books? Are you using a specific reader or is it possible to have some sort of widget or hot button that links to various titles within my nook & kindle apps so I can link directly to books in my libraries? Or do I have to extract my library files and do it some other way? Thanks in advance for any help!

  • solutionall

    @jerdoggmckoy Hi first sorry for late reply i was little busy in some other work.
    For My Library i provide PSD file. just click on add book and place your fav book cover. and it will apply that book cover to that wall. i link books by just adding psd book shortcut and then change icon to blank png. and i did not use any kind of app for that. just simple shortcut link. thats it. it is very simple just try it.

  • Leveronea

    Solutionall, Can you change the location on the map to a different place or is it set to Russia?

  • chaos5150

    Very beautifully done I have to say. I’ve tried to mimic some elements of this on my own, but I think you did a great job of putting them all together. Looking at it, it doesn’t get old like some others do.

  • IsaiDeLosReyes

    This is so great and wonderful, I would like to know if this is possible to use it on my motorola moto G.

Date Added: Wednesday, September 25th, 2013 at 3:54 am

Hello Folks
I been working on this theme from 3 4 days.
App Used
Nova Launcher 12×12
MultiPicture Live Wallpaper
Zooper Widget
Widget Locker
Media Utilities
UCCW Skin (Battery, Time, Week Day Month, Notification Call, Message, Email / Weather / Media Player)
RAR File Include
3 Types of Wallpaper
Lockscreen Wallpaper
Lockscreen UnlockButton Image
PowerToggle Background Image
UCCW Skin (Time, Date month year, Notification Message, Calls / Weather / MusicPlayer)
Zooper (Sunrise Sunset)
Weather Icon
PSD file for wallpaper so you can customize
That Book Page is totally customizable you can put your own books or you can remove it if you don’t like it and put your own things.
Download Here

Ok guys I know you no need any guide but it’s my responsibility to so if you know everything so ignore it 
1: Open Widget locker Set “LockScreen” wallpaper.
2: Create Custom Slider > Chromeless > Change icon to “UnlockButton.png”
3: Add UCCW Widget “WorldLineScreenlock.uzip” (Time, Day month year, Notification Calls and messages)
HomeScreen & Left Screen
1: Open MultiPicture Live Wallpaper and setup 2 screen and set “HomeScreen” and “LeftScreen” Wallpaper (Left Right it’s your choice)
2: There are only 3 UCCW Skin on Homescreen. Add them and resize.
3: Make shortcut for those 4 icons, and change icon to blank.png.
4: Add Power Toggles and set background (provided in RAR file) . You can chose your choice.
5: Left Screen is nothing more just add your application and games and for Library you can make your own bookshelf as I provide your PSD file also.
I do not play more game I like to read so I make this kind of 2nd screen. But you can make your own as you want. PSD is all yours so happy customize. Just let me know if you edit I would like to see your flavor also.
Comment Appreciate
hugely influenced by Jeppe’s Rideline.

when i saw his screen on google play i thought to make something like that. and start work and finally come with this. but i did not know that this will make this much big issue am totally
now. am thinking about to delete this screen. i d k
because i make this to just learn and serve something to ppl
not to HURT anyone. because i can’t
so am thinking about to delete this
Thank you