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Date Added: Sunday, September 29th, 2013 at 1:43 pm

My phone is a red Droid Ultra. Reviewers say it is a cold, soulless black slab, so … HAL.

- Nova Prime Launcher
- Wallpaper homemade from a Deviant art image (attached).
- Clock widget where “HAL 9000″ should be at top by UCCW. I padded the minutes with two zeros so it matches HAL 9000.
- Icons:Serious Crazy Red 62 for the dock (search xda) , and for now I’m using Carbn Red for app icons.
- Circle Launcher with a transparent icon set over the HAL eye. It comes up with 8 shortcut icons in a circle when tapped.
- Indicator boxes on the left are direct dial icons, by Desktop VisualizeR.

Some source images attached.