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  • qoldenqhost

    nice idea ;)

  • Charles55

    Very nice I like it a lot +1

  • roneliojacob

    please fix the link..

  • http:[email protected] Antolinetz
  • http:[email protected] Kezyka

    I love the homescreen but i can’t make the album art change when the song change. i can get it to change to the current album art in the settings but not make it do it automatically.

    ps, i use spotify.

  • http:[email protected] Antolinetz


    Hi, how do’u do?

    -put a bitmap, but not select.
    -Go to advanced and type #TMU_COVERART#
    Remember install Music utilities from playstore > settings > application integration and select Zooper.

  • http:[email protected] Kezyka

    oh it was the Music utilities to app integration i missed :) thx

Date Added: Monday, September 30th, 2013 at 11:30 am

Minimal screen

How To:

– Nova launcher 5×5
– No margin
-Dock: no margin, withe background, little icons.

In .zip file:
-Icons and images
-zw files
-ZW Templates

Enjoy it and love it!