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  • rinozire

    Can you share the files?

  • flava69

    nice clean set up

  • Kakito


  • Dad2noah

    Very nice

  • jobe1785

    Very clean. By the way, could you share the PSD of the LG G2? I’ve been looking for one like this but had no luck. Thanks.

  • cjohnson481

    Very nice and simple. Not a lot of craziness.

  • eleventhandy

    Very Nice

  • super8

    Nice, mnml, clean…love it! Thanks!

  • http:[email protected] alicarbovader

    si\o simple, yet minimalistic and cool.

  • http:[email protected] l3-art

    Very nice! Please share the files

  • francomur99

    I love it ! Can you please share Wallpaper and the Zooper Widgets files…….Please…… other wise it would be impossible to do it! Thank you

  • jmas25

    Awesome structure!!! The time widget looks fabolous. Congratulations you made a really nice job!!

  • CarlosPereira

    looks awesome !!! share pls =)

  • Rhraw

    wow, such an unaspected feedback. thank you so much, guys. files are online now, enjoy:

  • dbbl21

    Very nice! Thanks for the files.

  • http:[email protected] genkralyz

    nice and clean! awesome! :) how to display the screen indicator (3 dots) in nova?

  • http:[email protected] mwalid25

    nice one but how to get it any link ???

  • JosephNimoson

    how did u get the transparent statusbar?

  • http:[email protected] diego_87

    Thank you!!!

  • Rhraw


    zooper templates, files included

  • xTremesp

    Very nice.

  • xTremesp

    @Rhraw when navigate between screens the dot doesn’t move :(

    is possible to lock widgets?

  • http:[email protected] BladeFury1789

    This is the Nexus 5. It was leaked the other day. This is like copying it. Good idea.

  • Rhraw

    you have to add the “dock widget” on every screen and edit the transparacy of each dot for each screen. if you swipe through your launcher it will look like the dots are moving.

  • solutionall

    what mockup you use ?

  • Kyle_in_HD

    Nice job man. Really liking the calendar widget.

  • rovict

    Support +1, please share, thanks. !!

  • moparfreak426

    And we have Kitkat folks

  • Damiien

    Magnifique :)

  • JHS_NL

    Love this theme! Gonna try it right away!

Date Added: Tuesday, October 15th, 2013 at 5:54 pm

Please ZOOM and show me your LOVE if you like my screen! Peace!
Apps, Widgets, Icons used:
– Nova Launcher
– Zooper Widget Pro
– Today Calendar Widget
– SmallWhites Icon Pack
I like a clean and minimalistic layout style, so I deciced to make an Android Concept UI. I’m using a 10×10 Grid and no margins. You have to enable dock as overlay also. If there is enough feedback I will add all needed files for you.
– Rhraw