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  • althus

    Nice. I downloaded it but the chrome doesnt work for me
    How to apply. Rest done

  • francomur99

    Awesome…I love it!…Can you pls share the Zip file for Themer to be extracted for the Exported section (My Themes on Themer)….is going to be faster for everyone to enjoy this lovely Theme. Thank you

  • PLQ

    This skin is right now available in the newest browse theme!

  • garyarts

    I’d say this is great if I saw this at the first time…

  • lchgogo1

    wow very goooooooood +100000000000000
    file pleaseeeeeeeeee……..

  • renato

    Very cool, congratulations!

  • vladikus


  • spetzie

    Love the theme and I am currently using it with the themer app. Just wondering if it is possible to get the icons separate. For some reason when I press on any of the dock icons other than chrome it says ‘app not installed’. When I try to go to the play store to download the app, it says it can’t find the app. If I could get the icons and place on the phone than I can drag the apps I use to homescreen and edit them with the icon pictures.

  • MFKZ052

    Fantastic work, thanks for the effort! Would love to see the icon packs separate as well if possible. Thanks again!

  • lchgogo1

    file or link please………

  • PLQ

    You can apply this theme with Themer Beta app.

  • http:[email protected] luvizstuf

    @PLQ Great theme, I love it. Same issues as @spetzie and @althus where icons in dock are shortcuts for apps that don’t exist on play store (dialer, camera, sms/text). Please release icons so that the theme can be customized or modify theme on Themer Beta so that these shortcuts point to default apps. Other than that, great UI.

  • PLQ


    Please contact MCS admin for these issue.

  • althus

    issue had been fix it working good know just re download

  • tarunbig

    I can’t see the link to files

  • PLQ


    No link, no files.
    This skin is right now available in the newest browse theme of Themer.

  • tarunbig

    I can’t see the download link

  • PLQ

    1 launch themer beta
    2 press menu
    3 select browse themer
    4 newest
    5 select my skin and apply

  • Tobbe

    To bad the themer app doesn’t work for Galaxy Note (1).


  • PLQ


    Yes I know, that is why I sold my Note1 and take Notes2.

  • http:[email protected] rae2u_112

    What icons did you use for this theme? I want to add a new page to it; but want it to match your wonderful creation.

  • PLQ


    I made myself these icons and I created just the ones that I needed for this theme.

  • http:[email protected] pyropunk2006

    Can someone please export this? it wont show on my Themer App

  • CuriousDroid

    Hi, I like to try this theme out unfortunately Themer Beta isn’t compatible with my Lenovo A390, it would be nice if u can share the files for this theme pls3x :)

  • PLQ
Date Added: Wednesday, November 6th, 2013 at 2:25 am

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