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Screen Of the Day on 12/07/2013
  • Rasa13

    Well done screen, man! Very nice. :)

  • karmascorer

    @Rasa13 Thanks!

  • ronaldruy

    Loving it man. Im not great at setting up my own screens. Hope you do a tutorial soon.

  • karmascorer

    @ronaldruy Thanks! Just added!

  • jdsingh

    how you get tht transparent navigation and notification bar

  • karmascorer

    With Nova Launcher Beta. There’s an option for it.

  • Baldyl0cks
  • MarcoJHB

    Congratulations, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 12/07/13! Amazing!

  • karmascorer

    @Baldyl0cks Sorry! Link fixed.

  • karmascorer

    @MarcoJHB That’s great! Thank you very much!

  • BelleBombe

    Pink! Pink everywhere! I looooove it! <3

  • markfern811

    cool setup… thanks for the files and instruction.. all setup on my Nexus 5

  • karmascorer

    @BelleBombe Ahahah! Thanks!

  • karmascorer

    @markfern811 Glad to hear that!

  • qwahchees

    Thanks for this, just installed it and made the proper tweaks for my usage. Awesome stuff!

  • karmascorer

    @qwahchees Thank you!

  • SomeDude

    I have Nova pro and don’t see any settings for the top transparent navigation bar? Awesome set up by the way!

  • karmascorer

    @SomeDude Thank you! I’m on beta version. I think that nova prime hasn’t this feature yet. Try the free version.

  • SomeDude

    Beta requires a a code. The screen looks good the way it is, I can cope with it. Thanks for the fast response!

  • averagewizard

    hey! beautiful work. I just have one really annoying problem. Every time I click on my app drawer I get these crazy huge ads on top of my screen. When I say module on tap-> there’s only popup widget-AD and no option without the AD. What do I do?

  • karmascorer

    @averagewizard You are using the free version of popup widget. The ADS disappear only in the paid version.

  • Arcaziel

    That’s very nice, I’m gonna tweak it a bit, what are those icons please?!

    edit: found them

  • Ostbiten

    I like this one a lot, want to try it out.

    Fix download link please, does not work! :)

  • Miniqpa

    Files are offline (:

  • ivancastromaldonado

    Please repost files, link is dead :-(

  • ulsortes

    Upload the wallpaper please !!

  • smoxerz

    Link removed!!!
    Please repost dude

  • laroyalexander

    I’m guessing this isn’t getting re-upped?


Date Added: Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013 at 10:05 am

My first screen.
All shortcuts are made with Zooper and PopUp Widget.

More detailed screenshots:

Files and tutorial:

Inspired by:

If I forget something or you need help, ask me everything you need.


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