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Screen Of the Day on 12/26/2013
  • alpaguhan


  • Soloveyptaha

    I like that.

  • http:[email protected] alicarbovader

    nice, simple and clean :)

  • UMAIRzd

    @Soloveyptaha Thanks bro…

  • UMAIRzd

    @alicarbovader Kept your word, went for the phone lying down look…:-)

  • UMAIRzd

    @alpaguhan Thank you….

  • viveks

    nice work bro…..

  • ja11229

    This is a nice theme. Do you have the files for this? It said everything was provided. But where?

  • UMAIRzd

    @ja11229 Files will be up soon. will upload tmrw:-)

  • UMAIRzd

    @viveks Thanks bhai…

  • UMAIRzd
  • MarcoJHB

    Congratulations, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 12/26/13! Super clean :)

  • animoo

    Congrats!:) nice setup!:)

  • UMAIRzd

    @animoo Thank You…:-)

  • UMAIRzd

    Finally my first ever SOTD. Thank you all guys for your love….

  • techytarun

    Congrats my friend on Sotd Nice screen

  • UMAIRzd

    @techytarun Thanks bhai

  • Manticoreofdarkness

    Cool work! Share files for themer please!

  • UMAIRzd

    @Manticoreofdarkness Exported to themer. Needs to get verified. Will also post the zip today.

  • UMAIRzd
  • francomur99

    UMAIRzd I tried to install it on Themer but unfortunately all my phones have a different resolution and it wont come up correctly, is there any problem if I ask a friend to recreate your theme for my device on Themer giving of course all the credits to your work….Please let me know….thanks.


  1. 1. Nova Launcher Prime with 9x10 grid size
  2. 2. Apply wallpaper provided
  3. 3. Add UCCW widget provided
  4. 4. Add scrollable news widget (Simple RSS widget) with transparent background
  5. 5. Add Media Utilities widget
  6. 6. Thats it. Have fun..:-)
Date Added: Tuesday, December 24th, 2013 at 1:56 am

Inspired by a website design i had seen on Behance. I’ve made a side scrollable 2 screener(sort of older google+). I’ve used Nova Launcher Prime and UCCW. Hit love if you like. Thank You..:-)