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Screen Of the Day on 02/21/2014
  • WebOS
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  • pbrewer81

    Well done sir!

  • synergeticink

    @pbrewer81 Thank you Wog! :)

  • rookie001


  • yongs73

    Great looking screen as always.

  • synergeticink

    @yongs73 @rookie001 Thank you guys! :)

  • Mr_2fngrz

    This IS a nice idea.

  • synergeticink

    @Mr_2fngrz Thank you! :)

  • synergeticink
  • MarcoJHB

    Congratulations, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 02/21/14! Brilliant setup, good beauty shots too! You should send in a few for our contest :)

  • synergeticink

    @MarcoJHB Awesome, thank you Marco! :)

  • Peter_PS2211

    Oh man, you have to do something with your presentation here. That screen looks so much better on phone now! Just installed and had to come back to say this. Absolutely great screen! Thanks a lot.

  • synergeticink

    @Peter_PS2211 Thank you Peter! I will take your advise and work on improving my presentation. I’m absolutely loving the community support :)

  • nam9000

    how can i get this navbar??? so beautiful :D

  • techytarun

    awesome main just perfect

  • synergeticink

    @nam9000 The NavBar is not apart of the actual theme, what I did was buy a app on the Play Store called “SoftKeyZ”. This app has a whole community that upload Nav Keys to its database. You can find the keys, make a backup of your current nav keys, select the new nav keys, and then reboot. This is for Root Users ONLY.

  • nam9000

    thanks so much, dont have thanks button here :D

  • zhangleijuly

    Awesome. But when i pressed somewhere, it comes out zooper widget setting.
    I am using themer beta.

  • synergeticink

    @nam9000 Thank you Hoang Nam! The thanks button on this site is in the form of a heart to the left of the theme image up top.

  • synergeticink

    @zhangleijuly Thank you Artemis! You will have to specify which spot you are pressing. All of the icons and images have hotspots assigned to them in zooper, and anything that does not have a hotspot I went through the trouble of setting them to “disabled”. Let me know which one it is and I can look in to it.There is also an update coming up in the next couple days that everyone will love, so keep checking back.

  • TechMitchell

    Congratulations, you got screen of the day over on TechNewsIreland!!!

  • synergeticink

    @TechMitchell Thats awesome, thank you dude!

  • eblade

    ok, so, here’s my deal. I’ve installed the Themer files before, no go there, so then I spent the $4 required for apps to get the installable one in the app store to work.. and .. no idea how to make that work.

    SO, how about some instructions on how to get this working? After muddling around with it for a while, it seems like I’m supposed to add some Zooper widgets to the Apex launcher screen, but the Zooper widget menu for the webOS theme has nothing in it (although it says there are 7 widgets there, there are 0 showing)

    please help :-)

  • synergeticink

    @eblade Hey Eblade, this is a known issue that was reported by another user, I push out an update to the Play Store to fix this issue, and you should see the update available within a few hours.

    In regards to the setup, this theme is basic and does not require a tutorial. If you go to my app on the Play Store you will see in the description that I added all the settings for Apex, Media Utilities, RSS widget and the calendar widget. Access those apps settings and set them to what I listed in the description. Once you have set up all of the apps, add the zooper widgets to the home screen, size accordingly and then set them to the correct widget in the theme.

    If you have any further questions/issues, please reply to my developer email which is provided on the Play Store theme. Since I am pretty much on Google Hangouts all day, this will allow me to assist you and quickly as possible.

  • synergeticink

    ★Now Featured on Themer BETA, recreated and redesigned as “Radiance” by the Themer team. Everyone say thank you to the Themer team for bring this theme :)

  • Will_Oliver

    I just installed and it’s working properly. Please add a reminder or change the name in the picture, cause it has a different name in Themer search.

  • zhangleijuly

    Congratulations! I am using Radiance now.

  • synergeticink

    @Will_Oliver Thank you Will, I listed it in the description :)

  • synergeticink

    @zhangleijuly Thank you Artemis! :)

  • rheingold

    really love your screen, I have just one litte problem whilst using it. The gallery shortcut doesnt work, using this i’m getting an empty gallery, choosing my galelry app all my pics are shown. Any way to fix this on my own?

  • synergeticink

    @rheingold Hey rheingold, I will be more then happy to help you out. What I need you to do first is to go back to the Play Store listing and at the bottom of the screen select the “Email Developer” option. This will allow you to email me directly with your concerns. MyColorScreen is only meant for sharing the theme, not for support. Look forward to your email.

  • http:[email protected] anuj411

    Cool theme
    how do i install with apex launcher?

  • synergeticink

    @anuj411 Thank you. Its available on the Play Store :)

    This theme has also been added to Themer Beta (launcher) on the Play Store.

  • Dezsi25

    Please fix the app because it will not and can not be used to set the theme in the apex WebOS app and can not set up my webos theme within the Zooper application described below and the application of one! Please correct the application. For me, no menu appears only in the Application manager but I can not open the webOS theme there. LG Optimus 4XHD Tegra 3. Apex boot menu, but the Zooper widget menu webOS topic nothing in it (even though it says that 7 gadgets are, there are 0 showing). Sorry my english. Iam write google play -limbo gagyi nick from hungary-budapest.

Themer file available

Download Themer File

Resolution Support: 1080p

What is this?

Themer is MyColorScreen's one-click theming app and it's available right now for free on Google Play. Within Themer you will find dozens of beautiful staff-chosen themes that you can apply in one click. However, you can also side-load themes into Themer easily if you have a Themer ZIP file provided by a designer.

To do this, transfer the Themer ZIP file to your phone, and place it in the MyColorScreen/Themer/Export/Zip directory. Upon doing so, you can enter the Themer app and go to My Themes > Exported, and from there you will be able to apply side-loaded themes.

If you have any questions or need some help, please visit

And by the way, if you side-load a theme into Themer, make sure the resolution of your device matches that of the theme file, which is posted on the green download button, or else the theme will not look right on your device.


Date Added: Tuesday, February 18th, 2014 at 2:01 am

Welcome to WebOS available on the Play Store and for Themer BETA.

★Now Featured on Themer BETA, optimized and renamed as “Radiance” by the Themer team.

★Featured on MyColorScreen as “Screen of the Day”: 02/21/2014

★Featured on as “Screen of the Day”: 02/23/2014

★Featured on

Themer Version: Available through Themer BETA on the Play Store.
Apex Version:

Inspired by LG’s new WebOS.

If you need assistance with the setup, please email me through my developer account email available on the Play Store.

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