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Screen Of the Day on 04/10/2014
  • crazykamui


  • Leche

    @crazykamui Thanks!! :)


    Hey, would convert the widgets UCCW for Zooper? Thanks :)

  • Leche

    @DEEPCA Sorry, for now, there is no Zooper Widget Skin that I had made​​. I hope you understanding.

  • won83

    리체님 블로그 찍고, 마컬에 오랜만에 왔네요^^*
    하트 드리고 갑니다~ 즐건하루 보내세요…

  • MarcoJHB

    Congratulations, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 04/10/14! Very interesting take on iOS :)

  • zooooo

    So Clean! Love it!!

  • andrekarnau

    nice work! but one question: how did you made the sidebar?

  • http:[email protected] francomur99

    @MarcoJHB Hey Marco what about Senselike from GaryArts, I’m sure ”millions” of android users voted as the best Sense Theme of Year for the Htc One…..why is not been chosen as sotd here at mycolorscreen? We need an answer….thank you

  • http:[email protected] francomur99

    @Leche Nice work! I love it…. unfortunately i don’t use Buzz launcher….is there any chance you’ll do it compatible for Themer Beta, or for Nova/Apex Launcher?

  • peterpan79

    @Leche good work +1

  • garyarts

    @francomur99 oh come on man.. it’s kind or whatever, but absolutely not needed

  • http:[email protected] jluiscc25

    just amazing, i really want it for themer it would be great :D

  • TechMitchell

    Congratulations, you got screen of the day over on TechNewsIreland:

  • ravni75


    Is it possible to get the psd file to create our icons? thx


    @Leche Ok Bro, no problem ;)

Date Added: Monday, April 7th, 2014 at 5:24 am

Please Look to ZOOM!

Hi Guys ~ This is Leche Style™ :^)

Mavericks Remix is here :D

I’ve got a new homescreen like OSX Style

I’m Working on Buzz Launcher.

another apps…

Widget Locker


Proximity Screen Off Lite

Media Utilities

Please apply only at a resolution of 1080×1920 and 720×1280 resolution of smartphone you have.

There should not also exist in the area of on-screen button below always. (ex : nexus)

Please click on the link below If you would like to see more screen shots.

Blog Post

To Apply Homepack

If you would like to make more changes and you want to make more the icon,

then download Decoration Pack from the following link.

Mavericks Decoration Pack

Thank you for taking the time to look at my homescreen :^)