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  • prestigious

    What font did you use? Is that flashable .zip font?

  • The_Owl

    @prestigious The font is called pixelmix. I have no idea what a flashable .zip font is.

Themer file available

Download Themer File

Resolution Support: 1080p

What is this?

Themer is MyColorScreen's one-click theming app and it's available right now for free on Google Play. Within Themer you will find dozens of beautiful staff-chosen themes that you can apply in one click. However, you can also side-load themes into Themer easily if you have a Themer ZIP file provided by a designer.

To do this, transfer the Themer ZIP file to your phone, and place it in the MyColorScreen/Themer/Export/Zip directory. Upon doing so, you can enter the Themer app and go to My Themes > Exported, and from there you will be able to apply side-loaded themes.

If you have any questions or need some help, please visit

And by the way, if you side-load a theme into Themer, make sure the resolution of your device matches that of the theme file, which is posted on the green download button, or else the theme will not look right on your device.


Date Added: Sunday, May 18th, 2014 at 5:53 pm

A minecraft theme. My First theme.
The song title can go over the sides of the screen if it you are listening to a podcast since most podcasts have long titles, so it is not a perpect theme.