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Screen Of the Day on 05/27/2014
  • http:[email protected] francomur99

    Amazing!! I love it….really stylish….I can’t wait for the files…Thank you

  • PLQ

    Nice concept, nice colors!

  • peszek

    @francomur99 @PLQ Thanks Guys!

  • philsound71

    very cool! excellent presentation :)

  • peszek

    @philsound71 Thank you! I’m glad you like it!

  • althus

    Nice work

  • markfern811

    nice work here

  • subim


  • http:[email protected] dragonkaiser

    very nice!

  • ar_sandeep97


  • http:[email protected] jefte10
  • Joostzilla

    Can’t wait to try it in themer.

  • techytarun

    ohh… man, just don’t remember the last time when I didn’t liked work . One word-awesome

  • MarcoJHB

    Congratulations, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 05/27/14! Such an incredible design, really a great use of pages :)

  • peszek
  • peszek

    @jefte10 File in description ;) I don’t need your e-mail ;)

  • peszek

    @Joostzilla Should be soon in Themer ;)

  • peszek

    @techytarun Haha! Thanks mate ;)

  • peszek

    @MarcoJHB That’s Cool! Thank you Marco!

  • philsound71

    woah! this looks VERY cool on my N5! thanks for creating + sharing :)

  • pitoko

    Really nice bro!

  • http:[email protected] Corrado27

    cool :-)

  • brutalspoon

    The theme looks absolutely amazing. Any chance of having a version for non-softkey 1080p phones? I would love to try this out on my HTC One.

  • peterpan79

    really nice set up and colors mate

  • ecabra
  • peszek

    @philsound71 I’m glad you like it!

  • peszek
  • peszek

    @brutalspoon Thank you!
    You should wait until this theme will be available in Themer base.

  • peszek

    @ecabra File sent. ;)

  • ecabra

    thank you! this looks amazing on my phone.

  • http:[email protected] alicarbovader

    this is awesome man..!

  • peszek

    @ecabra I’m glad!

  • GeneralSunZi

    I may be dumb, but I do not see any download link on this page.
    This happens both on safari and on Firefox on my Galaxy S IV.
    Anybody willing to help me? Thanks.

  • peszek
  • GeneralSunZi

    Thank you very much! Logical and minimal footprint. Also colourful.

  • http:[email protected] Aesthete18

    This is brilliant! Any chance of uploading the original files? I don’t use Themer.

  • peszek

    @GeneralSunZi thank you! ;-)

  • peszek

    @Aesthete18 thanks! You can apply this theme in Themer and try to save Zooper widgets as. Then you can use Zooper widgets in any launcher.

  • http:[email protected] Aesthete18

    @peszek Alright I’ll give it a try. Thanks.

  • AdrienG

    @peszek I love the work done. Are you aware of some compatibility issues? I’m experiencing some with Samsung Galaxy S3.

  • peszek

    @AdrienG this theme was created on HTC One m8 with sofkeys, so that you have some issues with this screen. If you want to comfortable use it, you need to rescale widgets or wait until this theme will be available in Themer app.

  • AdrienG

    @peszek Thanks for answering :) How do I rescale?

  • AdrienG

    @peszek Or any idea how long it takes before we see it in Themer app?

  • gospel481

    wow this is awesome man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • UMAIRzd

    awesome as always…

  • peszek

    @gospel481 :) Thank you!

  • peszek

    @UMAIRzd Thanks bro!

  • Midobev

    When will the theme show up in themer?

  • peszek

    @Midobev Is available now ;)

  • MasterThemer101

    For those of you wanting to resize, simply follow this:
    Step One: Hold down on homescreen, select advanced, more, desktop and deselect lock homescreen widgets
    Step Two: Now hold down on one of you homescreens till the option to ‘configure’ appears. Click configure
    Step Three: Now Zooper settings will appear and scroll all the way to the bottom till you find the scaling options. For my 480*800 device, I scaled it down from 105 to 89 but you choose how you want it
    Step Four; Do this for all the screens and voila!

    Amzing screen

  • http:[email protected] presbro

    @peszek What’s the name of the theme in Themer? Searching for Vertical isn’t finding it.

  • zrockcool

    great work!!!! thank you!!!!

Date Added: Monday, May 26th, 2014 at 1:59 pm

For Themer…

5-pages screen with everything you need.
Please see all presentation in ZOOM ;)

Hope you like it and if click “LOVE” button ;)

Themer ZIP file for 1080p devices with softkeys:

Paste the file to sdcard/mycolorscreen/themer/exported/zip/ and apply it through.