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Screen Of the Day on 07/06/2014
  • Epikk

    looks great!

  • empol

    @Epikk thank you :)

  • faridcom

    Awesome …
    This could be my homescreen for next month ;)

  • empol

    @faridcom thank you very much, i will upload the files later today or tomorrow, i’m just fixing the last things ;)

  • pbrewer81

    Awesome color scheme! Well done!

  • empol

    @pbrewer81 thank you very much :)

  • bgilli26

    Excellent work, I personally like this one the best. I can’t wait for the files. Please share as soon as you can. Thanks in advance. :)

  • empol

    @bgilli26 thanks a lot :) I will share the files as soon as possible :)

  • behemoth

    Very nice!!)

  • empol

    @behemoth thank you :)

  • pitoko

    Really nice bro!

  • Corrado27

    cool setup bro :-)

  • empol

    @Corrado27 thanks bro !!! :)

  • SeVIIn

    Cant wait to give this a try :)

  • francomur99

    Absolutely amazing, really fresh…..great idea I love it! Can’t wat for the files…

  • 21MaRcO12

    very nice setup!

  • Colornycee

    Looks awesome

  • easysong

    Very nice setup!
    Could you release non-themer version too?
    I hope it.

  • BBaker131

    Looks great Would love to try it!

  • tolakhla

    Where I can download those files?

  • akamachine45

    love this design

  • subim

    great looking screen. share it brother!

  • empol

    @SeVIIn @francomur99 @21MaRcO12 @Colornycee @easysong @BBaker131 @tolakhla @akamachine45 @subim Thank you all guys, i really appreciate your feedbacks. Files added, enjoy it ;)

  • francomur99

    Really nice Empol, this is on another level, great work! So fresh! Thanks for sharing

  • empol

    @francomur99 thank you ;)

  • Essaye for non themer files.

  • empol

    @Essaye you can easily save the widgets from Themer and use them on another launcher. If you need more help let me know ;)

  • alperaltun

    very cool and slick :D

  • empol

    @alperaltun thank you !!!

  • MarcoJHB

    Congratulations, this screen has been selected as Screen of the Day 07/06/14! Love the combination of Android L and the glass effect :)

  • lwj4988

    you’ve got screen of the day title!!!
    I love it. could you send me files for non themer?

  • empol

    @MarcoJHB thank you very much Marco !!!
    @lwj4988 thanks, i will share the files by tomorrow

  • rzenks
  • UMAIRzd

    congrats man. slick setup

  • empol

    @rzenks download in the picture
    @UMAIRzd thank you !!!

  • spartanhooah

    This looks great. Too bad it doesn’t work well on the Nexus 4’s aspect ratio :(

  • empol

    @spartanhooah you can adjust the size of the widgets, just long press on them and select “configure”

  • goosefrog

    Love this can you please send the files thanks!

  • spartanhooah

    @empol that would be great (I didn’t think about it before), but the even with the handles as wide and as tall as they’ll go, the widget doesn’t fill the screen.

  • xrl8in2

    can you send me the files on
    The Google drive app is unreachable :/

  • xweveo

    Beautiful. Thank you.

  • Corrado27

    cool bro:-)

  • empol

    @Corrado27 thanks !!! :)

  • xkhanx

    Hey, the theme looks awesome. Unfortunately, google drive is down for me. Can you send it to my email?

  • empol

    @xrl8in2 @xkhanx files sent ;)

  • archqueopterix

    Google drive isn’t working for me too. can you send it to my email.

  • MintBerryCrunch

    Hey, excellent work! loving this theme! I just got one issue is that when i play music, the cover art isn’t inside the circle, its just bulging out as a square :S. Any way to fix?

  • kish0007

    Hi amazing work @empol !

    going a bit crazy getting it to download on Google Drive

    can you sent it to me at

  • protozenon

    nice love it, can you send the file?

  • Garfield88

    Great work, as usual!!!

  • empol
  • MintBerryCrunch

    @empol Hey sorry but where is that? Lol

  • empol

    @MintBerryCrunch download it from the Play Store: and in the settings you will find “coverart shape” and select “circle”

  • mustard21

    Where can I download the does from?

  • digable

    il miglior L in circolazione insieme a quello di garyarts, complimenti ;)

Date Added: Friday, July 4th, 2014 at 12:07 pm

I know that is full of Android L based homescreens but i wanted to show mine too. Get inspiration from Garyarts work too, hope you like it
How to install: download the zip and put it in sdcard/MyColorScreen/Themer/Exported/zip/, and select it from: Mythemes/Exported
I will not ask for your emails but show me your love if you download it, thanks :)
Resolution of the theme: 720p+ Navbar and Notifications bar
1080p Resolution zip added in the link