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  • Corrado27

    Very cool Marco :-)

  • alperaltun

    +1 great man

  • althus

    Nice work

  • yongs73

    Nice job as usual!

  • pitoko

    Looks great my friend!

  • 21MaRcO12

    Thanks mate!

  • 21MaRcO12


  • 21MaRcO12


  • 21MaRcO12

    Thank you!

  • Chesley Young

    Noob question, but what should I do with this zip file?

  • digable

    the background is very nice but not really “serene” ;)

  • 21MaRcO12

    Zip file copy to your internal storage or sd card into folder mycolorscreen/themer/exported/zip. Then go to app drawer tap on the themer icon in right top corner. Go to my themes/ exported and there you find my theme. Click on apply and you can use it.

  • 21MaRcO12

    Thanks bro!

  • Chesley Young

    Thanks a lot, and a great theme by the way.

Date Added: Thursday, August 14th, 2014 at 1:35 pm

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