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MyColorscreen lets you find out what apps and wallpapers your friends use.

If you are like us, you love your smartphones and tablets. It is basically an extension to your personalities, and capabilities.

MyColorscreen is a network that connects you to the most relevant content curated personally for your smartphones and tablets.

What MyColorscreen Offers?

  • Share Apps

    Share what Apps you recommend for your Friends

  • Discover

    Discover new apps and wallpapers from your favorite people.

  • Show Off

    Show your Homescreen to the World. Get appreciated for your creativity.

  • Inspiration

    We provide the largest collection of creative homescreens for your inspiration

At MyColorscreen, you can show off your homescreens, share what wallpapers and apps you are using, and get personalized content based on what you’ve shared. This allows MyColorscreen to curate all the content you may find interesting and deliver it to you.

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